How to Cook Appetizing Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies.

Butter Cookies You can cook Butter Cookies using 10 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Butter Cookies

  1. Prepare of All purpose flour.
  2. Prepare of Suji.
  3. It’s of Atta half cup.
  4. You need of Cardamom powdered.
  5. You need of Vannila essence.
  6. Prepare of Butter.
  7. You need of Sugar- powdered.
  8. Prepare of Baking powder.
  9. Prepare of Baking soda.
  10. Prepare of Cashew-.

Butter Cookies instructions

  1. Take a bowl and put the butter into it to get soft in the room temperature..
  2. Once butter has been soft add sugar into it and mix them very well..
  3. Add vannila essence and crademon powder into it..
  4. Mix all the flours together and add baking powder and soda into it..
  5. Now mix it with butter and sugar may become soft dough no problem.put the mix into fridge..
  6. After 1/2-1 hour make roll with the mix and press it slightly and put half cashew above it..
  7. Make all the rolls and put them into baking tray..
  8. Pre heat the microwave into 220 degrees and cook it for 10-15 min..keep checking..once cookies become light golden in colour. They r ready…
  9. If you want jeera cookies use salted butter and sprinkle jeera in the place of cashew..