Recipe: Delicious Fish ball watercress noodle soup

Fish ball watercress noodle soup. Fish Ball Soup with Rice Noodles 魚丸河粉. Fish ball noodles soup is a healthy, light-tasting and easy one-dish meal. See Also: Fish Ball Mee Pok Recipe.

Fish ball watercress noodle soup It's quick and easy so that we can move on and do other fun things! For presentation sake, I put these noodles in my new fancy bowl, but to be Boil a medium pot of water/chicken broth with the ginger. Add in the seaweed, udon and fish balls. You can cook Fish ball watercress noodle soup using 10 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Fish ball watercress noodle soup

  1. Prepare 1 packet of Chinese rice noodles.
  2. You need 300 g of watercress.
  3. Prepare 10 of fish balls of your choice.
  4. You need 6 leaves of fresh basil leaves.
  5. It’s 3 tablespoons of Fish sauce.
  6. You need 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.
  7. Prepare to taste of Pepper powder.
  8. You need to taste of Salt.
  9. Prepare 1 of egg.
  10. It’s to taste of Chinese mixed spice powder.

This Chinese fish ball noodle soup makes a tasty change from chicken and sweetcorn. Add the noodles and season with the salt and white pepper. All Reviews for Chinese Homemade Watercress and Fish Ball Soup. You saved Chinese Homemade Watercress and Fish Ball Soup to your Favorites.

Fish ball watercress noodle soup instructions

  1. Boil water in a pan.
  2. Add all the ingredients except the sauces.
  3. Boil for 15 minutes or until the ingredients are cooked.
  4. Add the worcestershire and fish sauce.
  5. Boil on high flame until a thick consistency is reached.
  6. Break an egg into the pan and mix it thoroughly.
  7. Remove from stove and garnish with Chinese mix spice powder.
  8. Serve hot.

Add salt to taste, then set aside. Fish balls, a popular street food in Asia, transform into a complete meal atop soba noodles in a ginger-miso broth. The secret to putting the dish together Drain and divide between four bowls. Place watercress leaves on top of noodles and spoon soup over. Garnish with a few drops of sesame oil.